Subscription payment options

This feature allows you to set registration options that can be selected by users during tournament checkout. This allows you to define for example discounts or surcharges.

In the administration panel of your tournament, click on Payments tab to access to subscription payment options.

Click here to create a new payment option.

Set the name of your payment option. This name will be visible by the users when they select the option.

Set the corresponding amount for the option. You can have a positive amount, for a surcharge (eg. a better meal) or a negative amount, for a discount (eg. for an association member). Of course, MiniHeadQuarters does not have the ability to check if user's selection of options is valid (eg. it cannot check if the user is really a member of the association. You'll have to check it yourself).

When you have set option name and amount, click on Create.

You'll be redirected to options list after creation. All subscription payment options will be listed here.

On this screen, you can update or delete an option at anytime. You won't be able to delete an option if it has already been bought by someone.

On the user side, during his checkout, a screen will be displayed where he can select the desired options.

Finally, during Stripe checkout, options will be listed as discounts (for negative amount options) or item lines (for positive amount options).