Registration tab

The Registration tab gives you an overview of the players registered in your tournament.

The following information is present: player's nickname (or captain's nickname for side-by-side and team tournaments), player's (or captain's) email, registration date, status (more information below), a possible comment and finally a button to access the registration details.

Each registration on MiniHeadQuarters has a Status. This global status depends on two sub-status: the status of the list (or lists for side-by-side and team tournaments) and the status of the payment.

For a registration to be considered validated, the list must be validated and the payment must be validated.

Note: The payment is always marked as validated if you do not use MiniHeadQuarters' payment system.

The status of the list can take the following icons:

  • No army list sent for the moment
  • Liste envoyée, mais pas encore revue
  • Army list validated
  • Army list rejected

The status of the payment can take the following icons:

  • Payment not done yet
  • The payment has been made (or the payment is not managed by MiniHeadQuarters)

Finally, the global status of the registration can take the following icons:

  • Registration is pending validation of the list and/or payment
  • The payment and the army list are validated, so is the registration
  • The registration was cancelled by the organizer.

Depending on the actions performed by the organizer (validation of lists for example) or by the players (submission of a list, payment), the different statuses will be updated automatically.

By clicking on "View details" in the list of registrations, you will be taken to the details of a registration.

The different information is gathered here. You can also cancel a registration.

The last section allows you to put a comment as an organizer.

This comment will not be visible to the player, only to other tournament organizers.