Faction Orks
Points 500
Name Casual
Game system Warhammer 40k 8th edition
Score 0
User leekel2
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Army list details

Clan: Bad Moons


Big Mek With Shock Attack Gun [60 Points]

M:5" | WS:3+ | BS:5+ | S:5 | T:4 | W:4 | A:3 | Ld:7 | Sv:4+/ 4++

Shokk Attack Gun: 60" | Heavy D6 | S:2D6 | AP:-5 | D:D6
After firing, roll 2d6 to determine strength, if 11+, each wound is also 1d3 mortal wounds

Stikkbomb: 6" | Grenade D6 | S:3 | AP:0 | D:1 |

'Ere We Go: Reroll charge dice, both or any

Dakka Dakka Dakka: natural 6's autohit no matter what, gain another attack.

Big Mekianik: Once per movement phase, choose a vehicle, give it d3 wounds back.

Warlord Trait: Bad Moons: Da Best Armor Teef Can Buy: +4 Invuln save