Tournament details of Age of Waaagh Taverne #13 - Solo 2000 points Ended

General information

Date Game system Accepted lists Organizer Country
21 April 2019 Age of Sigmar 15 / 20 Manwe salchr France

Army lists

Placing Name Faction User Pairings
Not placed liste tournois 21/04 Order : Sylvaneth Diabolize
Not placed Legion du Sacrement Death : Legions of Nagash and Nighthaunts Miladin
Not placed Bouts de bois débutant Order : Sylvaneth Fafly
Not placed Etienne 21/04/19 Order : Stormcast Eternals arbal
Not placed Jérôme - Beast of Chaos Chaos - Beastmen ColonelJay
Not placed FEC 2k - Age of Waaagh Taverne #13 – 24042019 Death : Flesh-eater Courts Golbut
Not placed 2000 SHC Order : Daughters of Khaine Lamnoire
Not placed Draïchi Ganeth 2K Order : Daughters of Khaine Sarhantaï
Not placed 2000pts wt Chaos - Beastmen Arthenons
Not placed Bretonnia forever Death : Flesh-eater Courts Peegee
Not placed Dok Waag 13 Order : Daughters of Khaine Xandary
Not placed Skaven 2000 Chaos - Skaven M3TH
Not placed Age of Waaagh Taverne #13 - Solo 2000 Chaos - Skaven Yasha
Not placed Stormcast AoH 21042019 Order : Stormcast Eternals Neow
Not placed Gloomspite kob Destruction : Moonclan Grots Kob75