Tournament details of AL II AR 3 Closed to registration

General information

Date Game system Spots Organizer Country
11 March 2019 Warhammer 40k 8th edition 34 / 100 Pigzy malicered Asdrubeal_vect United States of America

Army lists

Name Faction User
Yo listen up, here's the story About a little guy that lives in a blue world And all day and all night and everything he sees is just blue Like him, inside and outside... Tyranids bluem95
Ride the Wind (Fixed Version) Aeldari - Ynnari Tinydomo2
Nurgle's Blight Chaos - Death Guard ReiyuTheFrozenRose
The New Hotness Imperium - Astra Militarum GenWilhelm
The Eight T'au Empire cheeseybreezey
Host of Slaanesh Chaos - Demons ShadowShooter
Tau ITC Alpha League R3 T'au Empire Hyper_Diaper
Biker Gang, Biker Gang, Biker Gang, mess wit da bikers, you gon git da slugga Orks supercarl
2k Deathguard with Ahriman Chaos - Death Guard Jedistu
Thulram's Alpha League R3 List Aeldari - Ynnari Thulram
House Vortigan Imperium Adeptus_Custerd
141st Harakoni Warhawks Imperium - FW Elysians NeonLord
It's really a big guardian spear Imperium - Adeptus Custodes Nerysis
Alpha League Round 3 Imperium - Astra Militarum Panzer
AlphaList Tyranids - Genestealers Cults Swishzors
Heralds of the Void Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Novaknight
Watchmaster Nikator and the Revolutionary Tribunal Imperium Vromrig
Scrub's Alpha R2-In a horse on a desert with no name, i bless the rains. Chaos IrrelevantScrub
Red Dawn Comes! Imperium - Adeptus Custodes Faith
House Taranka Strides Imperium Jerry2die4
Alpha Season 2 List Imperium - Astra Militarum MrBarlow
Annihilation Necrons Xoriath
How do you get 500 dead orks into a car? 4 blenders Imperium darktrinity
Assassinorum Crusade AR 3 Imperium Bloodstrudel
ALS2R3 T'au Empire Pigzy
ITC Armigers Imperium bam21595
Made in china Imperium Mochi
Ascension Day Tyranids - Genestealers Cults Saint_Bloodmoon
Alpha R3 Tau T'au Empire aladaris
the prophet shall rend the flesh from your bones Aeldari - Drukhari Crowl
Alpha Chads V3 Imperium - Astra Militarum azwii
The Alaitoc Spectres - Craftworlds Aeldari - Craftworlds Arrovor
Das a lotta tau T'au Empire Prez
Ahriman and friends Chaos - Thousand Sons Megapestelance
Chaos Alpha S2 R3 Chaos - Demons Khyz0r