Tournament details of Individual Corona League - Ligue individuelle TTS FEQ Ended

General information

Date Game system Accepted lists Organizer Country
23 November 2020 Warhammer 40k 8th edition 64 / 70 Dahrkan Aedarian samegave Immortus Dahrkan Atomixpaint Manwe Ayuro LamaR Shev Blork Invictus clone02 Byolix la-corneille-à-3-yeux electromatique France

Army lists

Placing Name Faction User Pairings
Not placed Corona League - Craftworld R4 Aeldari - Craftworlds Moongob
Not placed Sans big dady Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Malus4
Not placed Atomic Chickens Imperium - Astra Militarum ManX
Not placed Corona Admec 4eme round Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Mame
Not placed ba Imperium - Blood Angels BaGhLa
Not placed Corona ronde 4 Chaos Web
Not placed Harly Z Aeldari - Harlequins ZUT
Not placed liste tts round 4 Aeldari liamvsl
Not placed DEUS VULT Imperium LamaR
Not placed Khorne Power 2 Chaos - Chaos Space Marines RabbitMaster
Not placed GIVE ME THE WARHOUND !!!! Aeldari - Craftworlds Bowser
Not placed Tts3 Chaos - Chaos Space Marines louisteq
Not placed Yes we khan Imperium - Space Marines Wydjaz
Not placed Corona 3 Imperium - Dark Angels Yippee
Not placed Dynames ICL Baroud d'Honneur T'au Empire Dynames
Not placed corona ronde 4 Imperium - Adeptus Custodes zig
Not placed Corona ronde 4 Chaos - Thousand Sons Byolix
Not placed le roi des mouettes Tyranids - Genestealers Cults le-roi-des-mouettes
Not placed Soeur de Bataille Yann "Neokhaine" GAUTHIER - V2 Imperium - Adeptus Ministorum Neokhaine
Not placed Crusade of hate Imperium - Space Marines PiersMaurya
Not placed DA TTS corrigée Imperium - Dark Angels Pake
Not placed Slaanesh Chaos - Demons Bizuthor
Not placed Lexar League Corona Semaine 3 Tyranids Lexar
Not placed Corona war novembre Chaos - Demons Mogor
Not placed Corona Saby Aeldari - Harlequins Seby
Not placed Liste Dark Angels Corona League T3 Imperium - Dark Angels Artemis
Not placed White Scars Imperium - Space Marines Fufu
Not placed Blood angels Imperium - Blood Angels Tyrius
Not placed Farbomb2 T'au Empire Speedy
Not placed Corona League Individuelle Ronde 3 Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Fruch
Not placed Wrath corona tournoi tts Imperium - Adeptus Custodes wrath
Not placed Black Templars 2.0 Imperium - Space Marines KuRo
Not placed Lé Buggys ! Orks Baldacuze
Not placed TTS Imperium - Adeptus Custodes corfe
Not placed corona war Aeldari bulgor
Not placed OiLpO Tournoi TTS Corona League round 2 Necrons OiLpO
Not placed Père Kstor - Fromage & dessert Imperium - Space Marines Père_Kstor
Not placed Liste Individual Corona League - Ligue individuelle TTS FEQ Tyranids StealerBlue
Not placed Liste Whoody67 Necrons (Variante Chronomancien) Necrons Whoody67
Not placed WS 2000PTS Imperium - Space Marines clone02
Not placed Huro Lé Maica Aeldari - Craftworlds Castor2lxtrem
Not placed ADEPTUS CUSTODES 2000 PTS RouND 4 CORONA Imperium - Adeptus Custodes tortuben
Not placed L'histoire d'un Dark Angel Imperium - Dark Angels Al1lebalez
Not placed Corona Wars 2 Chaos - Chaos Space Marines Grimmjollow
Not placed Tournoi TTS Imperium - Space Marines ShasOKassad
Not placed CK Chaos - Questor Traitoris Maniaka
Not placed Kraken Corona Tyranids Vatrax
Not placed Sala V9 TTS 3.0 Imperium - Space Marines Heskale
Not placed nécrons round 4 Necrons Petrushkah
Not placed Orks corona Orks Silenoz
Not placed 4eme partie corona ligue Imperium - Adeptus Custodes camus_du_verseau
Not placed 2000 DW v9 Corona League r4 Imperium - Death Watch DocteurT
Not placed Nenettes et gros potos R4 Imperium - Adeptus Ministorum Oamde
Not placed Chaos Daemons v3 Chaos - Demons Krosp
Not placed Ligue TTS individuelle: Individual Corona League Imperium - Sisters of Silence Onitsha
Not placed Gk coronaligue Krigan Imperium - Grey Knights Krigan
Not placed Mechanicus Tournoi TTS Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Mike_Hazelwood
Not placed CW 2000 Aeldari - Craftworlds ezekart
Not placed Pain Train FW Chaos - Chaos Space Marines Leo_O
Not placed Ma liste pour le tournoir du 23/11/2020 Chaos - Thousand Sons Albios
Not placed No funstodes Imperium - Adeptus Custodes Tsuba
Not placed ICL - Individual Corona League Invictus Warhound Chaos - Titanicus Traitoris Invictus
Not placed Individual Corona League - Ligue individuelle TTS FEQ Imperium - Astra Militarum FalckoPunk
Not placed Ligue Corona TTS Imperium - Adeptus Titanicus sven