Tournament details of Waaagh Tournament - 40K - solo 1000 points n22 Ended

General information

Date Game system Accepted lists Organizer Country
27 January 2019 Warhammer 40k 8th edition 43 / 40 Manwe Dahrkan kranzer LamaR France

Army lists

Placing Name Faction User Pairings
Not placed Tyranids tournoi WT 27/01/2019 Tyranids LemanRuss
Not placed kratos eldar 3 Aeldari - Craftworlds Kratos73
Not placed Des Loups !! Imperium - Space Wolves Syram
Not placed Tournoi Waaag 1k n22 DG Chaos - Death Guard Tochoco
Not placed Nécron Tournoi Waaagh Necrons Darck_Side
Not placed Tournoi WT - 27/01 - WE Chaos - Chaos Space Marines Scarabae
Not placed Liste tournoi Waagh 1000pts Imperium - Astra Militarum Requiem20100
Not placed WT 1k janvier T'au Empire Zahariel
Not placed Waaagh 1000 restrictions T'au Empire Bizuthor
Not placed 1000pts 27janv Imperium - Space Marines Khaldrogo
Not placed L'Alpha et l'Omega Chaos - Chaos Space Marines Blair_o
Not placed Waaagh 27/01 Imperium Leth
Not placed Boats & Girls #2 Aeldari - Drukhari LamaR
Not placed ALL STAR Aeldari bulgor
Not placed WAAAGH 27/01/19 Imperium - Blood Angels Koshon
Not placed tournoi Waaagh 27 janvier0 Aeldari - Craftworlds Filandiril
Not placed Tournoi 169 pts - Drukhari by Pizza version 2 Aeldari - Drukhari Pizza
Not placed Catachan + Shadowkeepers 1000pts Imperium coco78
Not placed hypokrass 1000 EN/arli Aeldari - Drukhari hypokrass
Not placed 1000pts 27/01 Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Azael
Not placed 1k Tau 270119 T'au Empire Suinte
Not placed T'au Waaagh T'au Empire Shas-Vince
Not placed Eldars craftworld tournoi janvier 2019 Aeldari - Craftworlds Zaratroustra
Not placed GC 1K Waaagh 27/01 Tyranids - Genestealers Cults Venice
Not placed Eldar 1k Aeldari - Craftworlds Astaes
Not placed Waaagh 1000 FNP Zolkov Aeldari Zolkov
Not placed Slaanesh power Chaos - Demons misterlich
Not placed 169pts restriction V3 Chaos - Death Guard Cryxfactory
Not placed Waaagh Tournament n°22 Julien "La Blatte" Brin Chaos - Chaos Space Marines LaBlatte
Not placed liste tournoi 1000 pts waaagh taverne Chaos - Chaos Space Marines Heskale
Not placed N22 Death Guard Chaos - Death Guard Leo_O
Not placed T'au 1000 format 169 T'au Empire Haechi
Not placed Tournoi 1000 points n22 - muetdhiver Aeldari - Craftworlds muetdhiver
Not placed [E'Tau] 1000 pts WAAAAAAAGH T'au Empire PiersMaurya
Not placed Ork 1000 pt Orks S1lv3rj4ck
Not placed Waaagh SoB - Astra (1000) 02 Imperium Blondain
Not placed Liste waagh 27 janvier v2 Aeldari - Craftworlds xenomorph
Not placed 27/01/2019 Orks Aimée
Not placed Orks 1000 zen Orks Maniaka
Not placed Waaagh taverne solo #22 Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Tildus
Not placed Holly Bitchies Club Imperium - Adeptus Ministorum Mawrølk
Not placed tournoi Whagg 27 janvier 2019 Tyranids binabik
Not placed The Imperium Resurgent Imperium LeBelge