Tournament details of Waaagh Tournament - 40K - solo 2000 points n32 Ended

General information

Date Game system Accepted lists Organizer Country
01 September 2019 Warhammer 40k 8th edition 46 / 44 Manwe Dahrkan Immortus LamaR France

Army lists

Placing Name Faction User Pairings
Not placed Waaagh Taverne 01/09/2019 Imperium - Adeptus Ministorum Colossus
Not placed liste de la rentrée Aeldari - Craftworlds xenomorph
Not placed Waagh 01.09 Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Flop
Not placed [Baha] custo BA admech Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Baha
Not placed Chaos 2000pts Chaos Ach
Not placed Arrethas Aeldari - Harlequins Arrethas
Not placed Tournoi Whaag 1er Sept 2019 Tyranids binabik
Not placed Waaagh - Guilliman 11CP - nouveau Codex Imperium - Space Marines Wydjaz
Not placed Akabane RK Chaos Akabane
Not placed Lexod ik n32 waagh 1er septembre Imperium LEXOD
Not placed Père Kstor - Tournois du 1er Septembre 2019 Aeldari - Drukhari Père_Kstor
Not placed Liste Yrian - Tournoi Waghtaverne 01-09-19 Imperium - Adeptus Titanicus Yrian
Not placed Liste Tournoi 1er septembre Madmaxxx334 Imperium Madmax
Not placed Greater Wood T'au Empire Mitch972
Not placed CK waaagh 1er spt Chaos - Questor Traitoris Zolkov
Not placed Tau Waagh Tav' 01/09 T'au Empire Boris_le_Hachoir
Not placed Imp Tournoi 1/09 Imperium Azael
Not placed Waaagh tournament 31 Imperium - Adeptus Titanicus flubslayer
Not placed Waaagh 2000 Mame 01-09-2019 Imperium Mame
Not placed Waaagh Tournament - 40K - solo 2000 points n32 Chaos - Thousand Sons Jim
Not placed Genestealer Cults 2000pts Tyranids - Genestealers Cults borgutlachauve
Not placed Trois patriarches c'est aberrant.. Tyranids - Genestealers Cults LamaR
Not placed Astra IK Imperium - Astra Militarum Glorink
Not placed Astral Blood Imperium - Astra Militarum Korvus
Not placed 10 aout Tyranids Aimée
Not placed waagh septembre ARLY Aeldari - Harlequins bulgor
Not placed ORKS DEATHSKULLS Orks Thechattrix
Not placed waagh n°27 16/06/19 Aeldari - Harlequins hypokrass
Not placed [ETC2019] Deathwatch / Blood Angel (incl.Shadow Spear supplement) / Assassins Imperium - Death Watch Makai
Not placed Sentinels of Terra 4 Imperium - Space Marines Alaric1
Not placed Daemon/TS/DG Chaos - Demons popoww
Not placed [Axmar] Waaagh Tournament - 40K - solo 2000 points n32 Aeldari - Drukhari Axmar
Not placed cult genestealer Tyranids - Genestealers Cults sayents
Not placed Admec 2000 Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Subaru
Not placed Kork - Liste Ork - Waaagh Tournament - 40K - solo 2000 points n32 Orks Kork
Not placed WAAAGH tournament 1er sept Orks ElGringo
Not placed Necrons full Sauthek Necrons Avif
Not placed Waaagh Septembre Chaos - Demons Requiem
Not placed Steel Rain Primaris V4 Imperium - Space Marines Pseudomas
Not placed N32 - Death Guard 2000 Chaos - Death Guard Leo_O
Not placed Tau petitbill T'au Empire Ouloum
Not placed IK 2000 Elyphas Imperium Elyphas
Not placed Ballet Aérien Drukharii Aeldari - Drukhari Legremlins
Not placed Liste Etc Tyranids - Genestealers Cults Terrachnydes
Not placed Shokka Punks ! Orks ManX
Not placed The Waves of Chogoris Imperium - Space Marines Haechi