Tournament details of Waaagh Tournament - 40K - team 2x1000 - n34 Open to registration

General information

Date Game system Spots Price Organizer Country
29 September 2019 Warhammer 40k 8th edition 39 / 48 16.00 € Manwe Dahrkan Immortus Mame wheaver France

Army lists

Name Faction User
Ankou - Space Marines Waaagh Tournament n°34 Imperium - Space Marines Ankou
Ymrik - Admech- Waaagh Tournament - 40K - team 2x1000 - n34 Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Ymrik
Waaagh 2c2 Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus IlGenio
BA 2-2 Imperium - Blood Angels Tsuba
Waaagh #34 - Couleur Pleutre Tyranids Nazara
admech v2 Imperium - Adeptus Mechanicus Albios
Tournois 2v2 169pts Chaos - Thousand Sons HolyAlex76
liste drukhari 2x2x1000 Aeldari - Drukhari Heskale
Liste Madmax34 corrigé tournoi du 29 septembre Tyranids - Genestealers Cults Madmax
WT - 2 x 1000 Chaos - Chaos Space Marines MisterM
Waaagh Tournament n°34 Julien "La Blatte" Brin Chaos - Chaos Space Marines LaBlatte
liste format 169pts Orks Thechattrix
Tyranide 169pts 29/09/2019 Tyranids Rakshasa
Team ACE Astra Imperium - Astra Militarum delloss
~ The Imperium Ragequitters ~ T'au Empire RepOne
Tournoi Waaagh 2x1000 Imperium - Astra Militarum Clenoshe
Daemon/CSM 169 Chaos popoww
DUO 169 Chaos - Thousand Sons NicolasL
T'au empire 169 T'au Empire Derek
Orks 169 pts Orks Archaon76
A Song of Ass on Fire (Salamanders) Imperium - Space Marines Archanost
N34 - Flawless Host 1000 Chaos - Chaos Space Marines Leo_O
Stormwolf Imperium - Space Wolves Bij0rn
Liste Waaagh Tournament 29/09/19 Imperium - Space Marines detrakor
Craftworlds Halwëtoc 2 Aeldari - Craftworlds eldarado
Waagh 169 29/09 Imperium - Space Marines Ceny
WaaaghTav-Harkont Chaos - Death Guard harkont
Orks Deathskullz VIgilus 169 Orks Adiboo
necron 169pts Necrons SixO
Liste DG PlagueisTheWise 29.09.19 Chaos - Death Guard PlagueTheWise
Drukhaboule Aeldari - Drukhari Landraii
Beasts of chaos TS Chaos - Thousand Sons Chikensoul
1000 ultra Imperium - Space Marines Pseudomas
Waaagh 1000x2 29-09-2019 "Mame" Imperium Mame
Tournoi_16022019 Necrons Immortus
Reveil necron Necrons La_legion_du_contrevent
1000 pts format 169 T'au Empire Osxeno95
Culte Full Tir OKLM Tyranids - Genestealers Cults LamaR
custosaint Imperium - Adeptus Custodes wheaver


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Tournoi en team de 2 joueurs

2x1000 points

format 169